Below is a map showing the location of the trails within Corsee Woods, Banchory, Aberdeenshire. Please walk or cycle to the trails if you can.

If you need to drive to the trails, for example if you live further away or you wish to bring young children to the skills area near the car park, the car park is marked with a red arrow on the map below and the following links will take you there.

Cycling to the trails and alternative parking options

At peak times the car park (red arrow on map below), which only holds 7-8 vehicles can be rather busy. If you can’t get parked, or want to warm up on your way, consider parking at the Burnett Hill (Terrace) electricity substation which has sufficient space for 10+ cars and cycle the short distance on the Corsee Woods paths, or in the Burnett Park car park (yellow stars on the map below).

Trails map and information